WHAT IS the TrueÜ Experience?

TrueÜ Experience, is a first-of-a-kind internet app/platform delivering, 3rd party sourced, positive feedback to create hopefulness, self-esteem, confidence, and joy in a world that seems increasingly negative. The TrueÜ Experience has an entry portal that is free, User friendly, positive, and compellingly uplifting.


On June 16, 2020 Richard, our founder, woke up with a lot on his mind. Disturbed by all that has happened in this “year like no other”, and how it has negatively affected so many of us, a "work dream" had kept him up most of the night. It left him with a simple, but seemingly transformative idea: Create a process to collect in-bound, uplifting, personal messaging, and deliver it over the internet to individual users in need of a shot of positivity, a ray of hope. On awakening he immediately began to sketch out the beginnings of a company that would develop an internet application to build self-awareness and self-worth in its users. Borrowing from the most impactful exercise used throughout 20 years of experience in personal and organizational development, Richard determined to re-engineering the process and TrueÜ Experience was born. 


The TrueÜ Experience is simple, fun, personally focused, and emotionally satisfying. 

Would you like to hear what your friends, family, and others who know you well, like, admire, and respect about you? Although you may think you know what they will say, you may be surprised by some of it, but happy to hear it. Positive comments from those we care about always make us feel good! 

The TrueÜ Experience is a process whereby the participant/user discovers the “best version” of themselves through positive feedback from the people who know them best.  It’s personal and user driven. It’s interactive, quick, and easy. It’s accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile device and best of all it's FREE!.