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TrueÜ will make the world a happier place! 

Our passion for positivity fuels all we do.

  • Create hope, self-worth, appreciation of others

  • Counteract the spiraling negativity of today’s world

  • To succeed through the spirit of the communities we serve

  • Provide products/services for our Users to live happier more fulfilling lives.



TrueÜ will be the go-to source on the internet of positive strengths and characteristics for our Users.

  • Grow virally by attracting multi-generational users

  • Support communities that value positivity

  • Address the critical societal needs in mental health and personal perception

  • Develop a forward-thinking passionate team



On June 16, 2020 Richard, our founder, woke up with a lot on his mind. Disturbed by all that has happened in this “year like no other”, and how it has negatively affected so many of us, a "work dream" had kept him up most of the night. It left him with a simple, but seemingly transformative idea: Create a process to collect in-bound, uplifting, personal messaging, and deliver it over the internet to individual users in need of a shot of positivity, a ray of hope. On awakening he immediately began to sketch out the beginnings of a company that would develop an internet application to build self-awareness and self-worth in its users. Borrowing from the most impactful exercise used throughout 20 years of experience in personal and organizational development, Richard determined to re-engineering the process and TrueÜ Experience was born. ​​


The TrueÜ Experience is simple, fun, personally focused, and emotionally satisfying. 

Would you like to hear what your friends, family, and others who know you well, like, admire, and respect about you? Although you may think you know what they will say, you may be surprised by some of it, but happy to hear it. Positive comments from those we care about always make us feel good! 

The TrueÜ Experience is a process whereby the participant/user discovers the “best version” of themselves through positive feedback from the people who know them best.  It’s personal and user driven. It’s interactive, quick, and easy. It’s accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile device and best of all it's FREE!.

Get to know all the talent, experience and knowledge behind the TrueÜ Team.



Richard Hoag


Richard Hoag, Founder of TrueU, is a serial entrepreneur, author, attorney with over 35 years of hands-on experience as CEO, COO, and General Counsel. His Industry experience includes Investment/Securities, Information Technology, Professional Staffing, Hospitality, Legal and Consulting Firms. He served 9 years on NACCB/TechServe Alliance Board of Directors and conducts workshops in Communication/Self-Awareness, Career-Life Planning, and Change Management.

Marwan Mostafa

Director of Operations

In his15th year professional career Marwan has worked with Charles Schwab, Sony Entertainment, and KPMG as well as start-ups both nationally and abroad. His knowledge expertise base includes; operations, technology, resource management, market intelligence, social media, strategic planning, business development, IT implementation, and  acquisition/divestiture.

Katie Noelck headshot_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Katie Noelck

Mental Health Services

Katie is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in the state of Utah and Colorado. She has worked with adolescents, at-risk individuals, families and children for more than a decade. She has focused on creating “safe spaces” for counseling so clients can talk about mental health without fear of judgment. In addition to her commitments to TrueU, Katie currently has a private practice in Park City, UT specializing in depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual orientation and navigation of life transitions.

Soheil Raissi

Chief Technical Advisor

Soheil has an active role with TrueU as a strategic technology leader with diverse experience in innovating, managing, and delivering enterprise-class platforms and software solutions. His previous experience includes financial services, pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, and supply chain. In addition to his role at TrueU he is a mentor at the UCI Executive MBA program and is an active member of Southern California SIM.  His prior affiliations include Advisory Committee Member of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and MIT Auto ID Labs. 

Soheil Raissi DSC_7764-X2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Aaron Stone

Staffing Industry Advisor

Aaron Stone has 27 years experience with APR Consulting, Inc. a national firm with a footprint in 37 states and several fortune 500 clients. He is currently, CEO/Owner of APR Direct Hire, COO and on the board of Directors. He has been affiliated with TrueU since its inception and in addition to being an member of the Advisory Board his APR is both a vendor to, and client of TrueU. Aaron provides a crucial connection to the Professional staffing industry a major target market for TrueU.

Alexander "Sasha" Pochaev

Special Advisor Technology

Alexander is a senior software engineer with over 20 years of experience in the design and development of SaaS platforms and applications. He has a passion for applying elegant technology to real-world problems. He has held positions as Lead developer, Project manager, and Director of Application Development and developed over a dozen software products.

Alexander Pochaev headshot_edited_edited.jpg

David Friedman

Business Advisor

David Friedman is a tech-savvy marketing and operations executive with more than 30 years expertise in bringing to market new technology. In addition to his role at TrueU David is currently President and member of the Board of Governors of TechCoastAngels of Orange County.  He is also a senior consultant with the Small Business Development Lead Center and founder and managing partner of C-Level Partners, which focuses on helping companies grow their top line revenue.

David Rosendahl

Internet Marketing

David is the president & co-founder of MindFire, a two-time Inc500 award-winning software company. Commercial printers, agencies, & brands like BMW, Microsoft, Harvard, Facebook, & 15,000+ other companies grow their leads & sales with MindFire’s unique marketing platform that finds & engages clients using direct mail, email, & social media. David is also a charter member of TrueU’s Advisory Board and a constant contributor to our marketing efforts.


Maxwell Wageck

Audio/Visual Lead

Maxwell Wageck is the President and CEO of Whirlin’ Disc Sound, an entertainment production company in New York. He has a degree in audio engineering and started his career as a freelance audio-visual specialist. He worked at Formosa Group in Santa Monica, gained recognition in the Los Angeles entertainment industry as a result of his significant contributions as Assistant Engineer to a Grammy Award winning (Mixing) Engineer. His audio visual experience and youthful perspective adds “now” generational creativity to the TrueÜ team.

Roseanne McNeil

Healthcare and Wellness Professional

Roseanne has 30 years of experience in health care operations and program development. She’s implemented health care and wellness programs for numerous corporations in over 35 states. Worked with senior management to develop and improve the corporation's operations to meet the community and individual needs to get better outcomes. Her focus continues to be on the mission of the organization and finding the right fit for the individuals and companies.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 2_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Nina Howard

Social Media and Marketing

Nina Howard is the newest member of the TrueU team. She joins our Marketing Group as Social Media Coordinator. In her spare time she is a business major at the University of Utah currently working toward her bachelor’s degree. She speaks several social media languages, and contributes her Gen Z perspective and insights to our advertising and promotional efforts. 





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