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Tired of the constant negativity in today’s world? Searching for moments of positivity and happiness in these isolating and turbulent times? Try the TrueÜ™ Experience.


The TrueÜ™ Experience is fun, emotionally satisfying, user friendly, and free!* Participate online, on your computer or mobile devices. TrueÜExperience reaches out to the family, friends, and others, YOU choose. TrueÜ™ delivers their feedback to you anonymously. Then, in privacy, you learn what others who know you well, see in you that makes you unique and special.  

The TrueÜ™ Experience is a rare opportunity to receive honest and genuine positive feedback on how others perceive you. Perception IS reality, say hello to the TrueÜ

Your reward will be an uplifting experience that will result in greater self-awareness and un-lease the positive energy of the best version of yourself. 


*Special limited time offer Join for free. Contact us for details.


For Job Seekers, “It’s not what you know…. It’s not who you know…. It’s who knows you, and what they say about you”. Take the TrueÜ™ Experience and be able to demonstrate your strengths and areas of excellence in through the words of others. 

Employers and staffing professionals seek TrueÜ™ feedback information. TrueÜ™ can help you find and qualify for the job that fits the best version of you, the job of your dreams. 


TrueÜ presents immediate opportunities for partnering with other data sharing enterprises consistent with our Vision and Mission. 

Currently considering:

  • Online Dating

  • Recovery Centers

  • HR Providers

  • Self Help

  • Personal Care

Contact us and share your ideas as to how TrueÜ might create a mutually beneficial partnership with you company/idea?


For that personalized gift or event that requires genuine, heartfelt, positive feedback from family and friends, TrueÜ can delivery a unique, impactful message from the words of others, packaged as you desire. 

Perfect for lifetime events:

  • Birthdays

  • Graduations

  • Weddings

  • Promotions

  • Religious Occasions

  • New Births

  • Memorials


TrueÜ™ is a powerful purpose-driven process designed to bring self-esteem, hope, and direction back into the lives of those who are depressed, stymied in the cycle of recovery, feeling isolated, confused, or fearful. TrueÜ™ is multi-generational and scalable, from single use exercises to continuous treatment resources.

The Management team and Board of Advisors are proactively seeking affiliations and partnerships with the mental health and substance abuse communities to expand our products and provide resources for treatment. We invite you to try TrueÜ™ to understands how it works. 


TrueÜ™ is a MOVEMENT. We are growing virally. TrueÜ™ can be the foundation for any number of social/professional forums including: professional retreats, local, regional, and national user groups, local, regional, and national support groups, conventions of users and other positive focused social and professional opportunities.

Membership Benefits

  • Become a TrueÜ Member and enjoy a variety of benefits including discounts on our market ready products, programs, and seminars.  

  • Join our positive passionate team

  • Explore investment opportunities 


The TrueÜ™ Experience highlights a candidate or recruit’s areas of personal/professional excellence. Perception is reality.  How others perceive your candidate or recruit is critical knowledge. TrueÜ™ is the transformative resource to illuminate the true strengths and value of the candidate/recruit.  

For employers and staffing professionals, the go-to source to uncover the missteps and weaknesses of the candidate is Facebook or Instagram. TrueÜ™ feedback provides the most reliable information about your candidate’s/recruit's strengths. Now TrueÜ™ will be the go-to resource that identifies the perfect person for the job.

Don’t be left out. Contact TrueÜ™ now! We understand your needs, your industry. Talk to our staffing experts to learn how TrueÜ™ can help employers and staffing professionals achieve better candidate fits, faster fills, and better hires.


TrueÜ™ is a transformative positive use of the internet. It seeks input from user-selected sources ensuring socially and psychologically positive and productive feedback. As revealed in the documentary “Social Dilemma”, the existing major players in social media are purposely driving manipulative online offerings that create addictive behaviors that have detrimental psychological effects on their users.

We believe that the internet can and should provide more positive influences and resources to its users.  TrueÜ™ can be a leading agent for change by providing a compelling positive alternative to the social media’s detrimental addictive behaviors.  TrueÜ™ is seeking charitable foundation funding to accelerate our efforts to provide alternate channels emphasizing positive in-bound content for multi-generational users.