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TrueÜ is the perfect solution at the perfect time. A transformative opportunity for social media to deliver positive messaging, boosting the self-esteem and self-awareness of our participant/users.


Read what our users have to say about their experience with TrueU


" TrueU provides a wonderful opportunity for personal growth. It’s simple, yet so valuable in everyone’s life. Especially in these times of uncertainty and disruption, we need positive validation so we can progress into our true selves "

—  Juliette N.


" TrueÜ™ not only gave me the rare opportunity to hear how my loved ones, friends, and business associates appreciate me, it joyfully surprised me, and has motivated me to validate their praise. This was awesome! "

—  Aaron S.


" I received my TrueÜ™ feedback. What an insightful, uplifting experience. Having feedback from folks that know me from different areas in my life was so interesting and honestly helpful. The feedback is genuine, not canned "

—  Katie N.